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Biomass Gasifiers

Biomass Gasifiers

We bring to afore the comprehensive range of Biomass Gasifiers that is utilized in various heat-related performances for generation of heat, power and electricity. Every Biomass Gasifier offered by us undergoes several tests on the well-defined parameters to ensure uninterrupted performance. Feel free to place your order; we give the best deals. We are the globally-acclaimed Biomass Gasifiers Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter from Haryana.

More About Biomass Gasifiers :

  • The Biomass Gasifiers designed by us are an engineering marvel. These produce tar free gas that is suitable as fuel for internal combustion engine or thermal working. These are suitable for burning wood or any other agricultural wastes.
  • Five standard types are available with a capacity range of 120 to 850 Nm3/Hr to feed Power Generator of 25 to 400 KVA. Larger sizes can be supplied on demand.
  • Biomass Gasifiers can operate continuously with any trouble. These do not require shut down for refueling or ash removal. For larger plants fully or semiautomatic options are available.
  • Process effluents are recycled and these are non-toxic.
  • Biomass Gasifiers downdraft technology utilizes the principle that all tar is cracked at high temperature with long gas residence time in preheated refractory hearth. It is designed for varying load demands. The Gas is thus tar free.
  • These Gasifiers are highly efficient and most suitable in the remote areas where transportation of fuel is difficult. Besides the hard and soft wood, different type of agricultural wastes can be used by compacting into briquettes. For larger plants semi and fully automatic plants are also available on demand.